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Monday, 31 August 2015

KUWG extend anti-property market greed protest to Genesis HA Willesden offices, Wed 2 Sept, 4pm-5pm

Text by CJ. Placard designs by Dude Swheatie

Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group extends its protests against Genesis Housing Association's CEO (Neil Hadden) proposal to just build private units for sale rather than building 'social' housing with low rents. 

Genesis Housing Assn screws the public purse and us

Two weeks ago we picketed Genesis HA Camden;(1) next we picket Genesis HA Willesden offices on Wednesday 2 September, 4pm-5pm, as agreed at KUWG business meeting held on Thursday 27 August.

Osborne's pals sponge off public coffers: First they creamed off housing benefit; then they bought more land at a 'fire sale'

(If it ain't 'social' it must be ANTI-social)...SIMPLES!

The protest will be at :

Utopia House

192-196 High Road
NW10 2PB 

Wednesday 2nd September 4pm-5pm.

Market's greed casts out vulnerable
'Social Landlord'? What a fraud!

The first protest was at their Camden Head office, so we feel a bit of outreach to Brent workers and citizens would show we like to inform all concerned and let the small fry know what the big fry are up to.

Me (CJ), Pam, Alan3, Elizabeth2, Ivy and Giselle going with Michael and Ellen as maybes. (All others welcome, even if only to see Ivy's "GULP AND SHIT" poster!)

Below is a link to a letter in this week's Camden New Journal by Comrade Peter Rutherford who is a persistent thorn in Genesis' backside

How many eviction suicides already?
Would be good to have union representation at the protest, as sure the workers signed up to be in social roles not real estate agents for the rich! STOP SOCIAL CLEANSING BY WASHING HADDEN'S CRAPPY IDEAS AWAY!!

Anyone else you know should be informed? Could sum1 put this be on facebook?

Hadden puts Satan in charge of Eden?
Homes for life! Not pauper caskets!
Give us homes, give us hope!

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