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Friday, 21 October 2016

Cut Council Tax for low income residents — deadline 21 Oct 2016!

Guest blog post from Camden's Highgate Ward Green Party Cllr Siân Berry

Cut Council Tax for low income residents

Camden Council also considering cutting council tax back to zero for the borough's poorest people.
Since 2013, the council has removed the previous 100% exemption for people receiving benefits - including disabled people and families with low incomes. It now charges everyone at least 8.5% of the full rate, something it's very hard to pay when you have no way of making the extra money required.

I've argued for several years that this isn't fair, and the council has agreed to consult on the option of going back to 100% relief. This consultation is even more simple to complete. Just choose 'option 2' in the online survey here:

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