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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Why this blogger is boycotting Direct Line insurance of any kind

From the social housing industry website Inside Housing to a Scottish Unemployed Workers Network report on last July's Boycott Workfare Action Gathering, the message has come out that long claim processing delays for Universal Credit are endemic and lead to rent arrears and thus evictions.(1) (2)

Now, for some months on televised adverts in the UK, I have witnessed Direct Line insurance capitalising on this situation as a business opportunity, though I've not seen actual Web links such as youtube to the ad in question. The scenario is that a landlord is having difficulties sleeping and Direct Line insurance's 'Mr Fixit' known as 'Winstone Wolfe' comes along and declares that the landlord's problems is caused by the landlord's tenants difficulties paying their rent.

Presenting Direct Line Landlord Insurance as the solution, 'Winston Wolfe' declares that Direct Line Landlord Insurance will pay the tenants' outstanding rent until the tenants are out. What kind of 'solution' is that? I suppose that the answer to my question is that it is the kind of 'solution' that absolves the real architects of Universal Credit calamity by inferring that such rent arrears arise out of the nature of the economically vulnerable tenants, and nothing else.

Given such a mindset, what are the ethics of Direct Line likely to be? Not worth my touching with the proverbial barge pole, I would guess. Anyhow, Direct Line, if you want caring people to do business with you, I reckon you will need to reconsider the true costs of your policies.

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