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Friday, 18 July 2014

KUWG's commitment to community cohesion

KUWG's commitment to community cohesion

"Actually the article is not just about property prices but the local economy and fostering local community so it has a wider political significance," wrote Waltham Forest resident Steve Lambert who is spouse of London MEP Jean Lambert. He was referring to a newspaper article that Swheatie had forwarded to him, 'Why is everybody moving to Waltham Forest?'. And that set Swheatie to thinking, "Isn't community cohesion what Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group is really about?"

We are not only about standing outside jobcentres, talking to people who are desperate and giving them hope and practical advice and guidance through their attendance at our meetings. In that way though, we help build up a community that stretches between both the Camden and Brent sides of Kilburn and even further afield. And through involving people in our meetings, we realise matters of a wider political significance.

Our members have been active in opposing the evictions of vulnerable people against the practices of landlords and so-called 'social landlords'. We are also becoming increasingly involved in alerting the public to the child snatching practices of local authorities' social services departments while those departments are apparently more committed to building and maintaining budgets and disempowering the vulnerable. Some of our members are such parents, others members of Social Work Action Network that brings together social work practitioners, service users, academics and students to make social work more conducive to community cohesion.

We are developing a range of housing matters meetings dealing with people's cases, and also workshops. These include a strategy meeting to address the housing crisis in Kilburn and London, to take place at Casa Latina, Priory House, 10 Kingsgate Place, NW6 4TA from 11am till 1pm on Wednesday 13 August.

Our members are standing out against fascism in their local communities and attempting to make 'public consutations' more genuine as per articles below. And no, we are not scroungers. By our sense of community we become known more widely.

PS: The new KUWG mobile phone numer is 07724 843 973.  That contact detail will soon appear in a revised version of the KUWG 'masthead' that appears at the top of this blog.

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