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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Real people's stories testify to housing crisis

(You probably wouldn't get any of these stories from Zoopla or RightMove!)

  1. The housing problem — 2 children in one bedroom, 11 and 7 years. I give up bidding, I have 388 points, when I nearly reached 600 they took it off me. I try with a swap — they didn't accept me, comething about data protection. Exhange — people don't like the estate, 3rd floor.
  2. Would want to live here, own flat, we live an a very small flat, in the long term for a bigger place — hit barriers, housing pricess... in a way it's good if you own — property prices going up... those schemes that can assist those who do earn... will drive out diversity if only rich can afford to live here.
  3. One thing: the cuts to local government — council tax benefit — that affects my mum — it's talking money out of other things she needs, my sister has diabilities.
  4. Housing issues — for a young man, is very hard, I'm at my parents. You should be offered something especially if you're working. They could build affordable council housing.
  5. I don't realistically earn enough to live where I am... I wouldn't want it to get much more expensive round here, I hope people can still afford to live round here... a lot of the lawas for social housing are being dodged... It's a London-wide problem, it's a higher level problem, we need a new government, need Tories out, Lib Dems turned out useless, I voted for them. The vast majority of developments ave not much social housing — I read Private Eye, how they fudge the figures bout how much social housing. They don't think bout how it's going to be, even if you have more expensive restaurants, who's going to work there, people are having to travel further to work, pay more for travel. My brother and sister are caretakes for an estate that's empty, that's the only way they can live there.
  6. Policies needs to be put in place... policies about rent control... a small proportion will stand to gain from gentrification. You can put on as many community shows, or entertainment and events and projects, but it doesn't mean shit if no one can afford to live here. A short-termism
  7. Trieds to ask the landlord about damp — the council said, NW6 can easily find someone to replace you. — the landlord can send in environmental halth but there's no safeguard against not renewing contract or raising rent.
  8. There's gentrification, landlords, no housing stock around here, might want to start a family, a terrible fear you won't get the diversity of classes, inocme bands... everything I love about this area would be destroyed.
  9. I used to live here, now I live in Cricklewood, this was a small flat — had to go to Cricklewood to get a bigger one... Council would have to wait long... housing project build compounds.
  10. 1 bed flat, 5 kids, me and husband didn't give any points, health and safety, kitchen and sitting room together.
  11. If I could afford to buy a house here I'd stay; got the theatre, cinema, etc; don't know what else I'd want
  12. Get a camera, do a documentary about homeless people — more and more people bing kicked out.
  13. I have been threatened with evictions, the stress, amount of work to find new accommodation, it's too much, it disrupts the rest of your life. Your work.

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