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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Amazon, pay living wage!

From Bex Hay of Change.org

This Christmas Amazon will make huge sales but people working in its warehouses report low pay and tough conditions. Join the movement calling Amazon to pay the living wage.

“I would never work for this company again, I felt like a slave trapped in a big metal cage.” That's what one former Amazon employee told me about their experience working in one of Amazon's warehouses.
This month Amazon hires thousands of temporary staff at it packing factories to fill millions of orders. But while Amazon rakes in huge sales, the people working hard in the warehouses face low pay and tough conditions. When I read about the conditions at Amazon factories last year I wanted to take action, so along with a few friends, we started a petition calling on Amazon to pay its workers a living wage.
Despite billions in sales and expensive promotion campaigns such as sponsoring Downton Abbey, Amazon still have the majority of their staff on insecure contracts, paying a wage that doesn't meet the cost of living. I've spoken in confidence to some of the people working in Amazon's UK warehouses, and published their stories anonymously so the company's abuses can become more widely known. [1]
As customers, or potential customers, we have huge power to let Amazon know what we expect of them as a responsible company - but only if enough of us come together. They claim to be "Earth's most customer-centric company", so let's put that to the test. Already 65,000 people have signed our petition and thousands have signed up to avoid shopping at Amazon this Christmas. [2] 
This is Amazon's busiest time of year so it's the most crucial time to get our voices heard.
Sign the petition to get Amazon to pay its workers the living wage and join our movement to get Amazon to become a responsible company.
Thank you,
Bex Hay
[1] Amazon Anonymous: Worker Reviews [2] Guardian: Amazon Christmas boycott campaign gathers weight

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