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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Autumn 2014 Budget Statements in placards

By Dude Swheatie of the KUWG

Challenge all benefit sanctions!
It really is the Government and its minions at jobcentres that are 'faking it'. In a world where daily signings on and intimidation regarding enforced conscription to 'Universal Jobmatch' are taking the place of real job creation and opportunities, benefits sanctions are applied unfairly and — when challenged — are overturned.

So reclaim what is rightfully yours, above all, that includes your dignity in the face of tyranny.
With a General Election 2015 looming, your MP can be more sympathetic and empowering than usual!
The Department for Work & Pensions' ploy of bringing in 'reconsideration' and 'mandatory reconsideration' measures before a claimant can appeal against a sanction or having their Employment & Support Allowance claim rubbished by the medically negligent is just to wear claimants down. Knowing that can do wonders for your resolve against those fakers. Writing your MP about such mistreatment that you have experienced can boost your claim to social justice, especially with a General Election 2014 looming.

Osborne's 'austerity' is not working but slavery
The 'austerity' measures of this Government operate to excuse a fire sale of public assets to the global wealthy, against the backdrop of public service cuts. It means what amounts to various forms of slavery for the rest of us. Naomi Klein's book The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism can be very instructive regarding what is really going on.

One form of slavery is the regime of daily signing on, of which KUWG's Honorary Member Kate Belgrave has written illuminatingly.
Daily signing on is right wing government's substitute for real support for the unwaged and demeaning

Benefits that have never kept pace with inflation are being taken away from us
Derail the 'slash and burn' of 'austerity'
Smear stories sneak in unjust laws

Successive UK governments have followed right wing agendas and the dictates of lobbyists from global corporations. Taxpayers' money has been used to turn public opinion against the vulnerable, and now there is the Gagging Law to reduce a counterbalance of truth promotion.

Yet against that backdrop, Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group operates with its regular leafleting of jobcentres showing the unwaged that there is hope and good reason to attend our weekly meetings. This boosts the diversity of our meeting attendances, and our casework taken at and beyond weekly meetings is direct action against injustice. That direct action has helped many people get the benefits that even existing laws allow people.

In all this, we are funded through donations and are not statutory funds. If you are able to assist us in all this financially,

All cheques and donations to KUWG should be made out to 'KUWG' and sent to:
Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group
C/o 85 Webheath, Netherwood Street, London NW6 2JS.

Thank you in anticipation.

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