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Sunday, 7 December 2014

From Women of Colour in the Global Women's Strike

G4S Guards on Trial
for the death of Jimmy Mubenga
10am,  Court 16
Central Crown Court (Old Bailey) London EC4M 7EH
Nr. St Paul’s tube
The trial of the three guards who restrained Mr Mubenga on board a British Airways flight is likely to finish next week. Closing arguments are expected to start Monday. The jury is likely to go out Wednesday and we urge all who can to come and bear witness in the final days of the trial.
A member of the All African Women’s Group (a self-help group of asylum seekers) from the Congo who has attended regularly said: “Witnesses describe Jimmy calling out “I can’t breathe”, and asking for help but he didn’t get it. What happened to Jimmy can happen to any of us anywhere, unless justice is done.”
Women of Colour Global Women’s Strike, which has helped co-ordinate a rota of people to go to the trial, says:
"We are attending the trial to support Mr Mubenga’s family and to demonstrate to all that Jimmy’s life mattered. 827 people have died in police custody since 2004 many of them people of colour. It is women – mothers, sisters, daughters, wives who are left to pick up the pieces, defend our loved ones and are at the forefront of campaigns for justice. From London to Ferguson, New York to Gaza, as long as money is poured into privatised/militarised police forces, prioritising profit over life, all our lives are on the line."
0207 482 2496                 globalwomenstrike.net
To check hearing times:
Crown Court 0207 248 3277 or via their website

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