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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Lone/single jobseekers become first lambs to slaughter by Universal Credit

I am reminded of that Pastor Niemoller poem, ‘First they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew.’
“…. The first claimants to Universal Credit are single jobseekers….”
And as for claims that the most vulnerable would be protected, the London Underground tannoy’s regular announcements about ‘incidents’ that can be translated as what tube drivers refer sardonically to ‘one under’ would fuel a huge backlog in coroners’ courts.
The way that Nygell Firminger of South Kilburn committed suicide did not involve a tube train, but was benefits sanctions and subsequent eviction-related. It also occurred within the week that the Welfare Reform Bill 2012 was passed.

“Those who give the order seldom see the mess it makes.” They also seem to have vested interests in blocking evidence for informed debate. Yet as for whether it is a case of ‘conspiracy’ or ‘cock up’, it seems to me given the 2004/2005 systemic meltdown in the benefits system, that ‘conspiracy’ and ‘cock up’ debate matters are like the ‘chicken and the egg’ debate.

Community Care mag November 2006 article: Jobcentre Plus: Poor service continues
I suppose that the fundamental answer is that they care less for economically vulnerable people than they imply!

See the emerging 'shared intelligence' on Kate Belgrave's blog for more details.

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