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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Report on the action against Remploy Maximus 'job coaches' in GP surgeries

Report on the action against Remploy Maximus 'job coaches' in GP surgeries
Demonstrators from Kilburn and beyond opposing IDS' plans
to sneak in compulsory 'treatment' for not-fit-for-work people
There was lively action against Remploy job coaches being put into GP surgeries.

The protest was outside a GP surgery in City Road, Islington. The Council is apparently supporting the pilot. This is apparently a pilot project, but we have to assume it will be rolled out more widely. The very idea is outrageous. It seems particularly targeted at people with mental health conditions. It will destroy trust between doctors and patients, if these job coaches can see patient records.
Clarence had an IDS mask on. Abby was a Maximus Job Coach – Maximus own Remploy.

Paula Peters spoke very well as usual. Video of her speech has also been uploaded to youtube. We also had support from a junior doctor, Dr Mona Ahmed. There is a short video of her speech here. 

Various other professionals also offered support. Plus there was also two speakers from the campaign to restore bursaries for student nurses.

'Bandaged' and 'blinded' demonstrator proclaims Iain Duncan Smith's
mass murder crimes against vulnerable people

After a noisy and good natured protest at the GP surgery, a decision was then taken to march down the street to Old Street and block Old Street roundabout. There was some fairly good coverage in the Guardian online the next day – link http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/mar/04/protest-london-plan-embed-job-advisers-gp

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