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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Toward a Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group response to Osborne's 2016 Spring Budget

Placard statement: Benefit cuts = corporate homicide
When benefit claimants receive letters confirming their/our 'entitlement' letters, those letters state that the amount they will receive from the DWP is the amount that the law says they are entitled to, which also allegedly is how much the claimant needs to live on. These amounts have been in decline for decades as Revd Paul Nicolson has pointed out. Eg,
http://www.taxpayersagainstpoverty.org.uk/946/ and


Those 'entitlement' letters also state that the claimant must inform them of any extra money they might receive, even as gifts from concerned friends and relatives who know more of the claimant's situation than distant 'decision makers'. The Government argument is that non-declaration of such income amounts to 'benefit fraud'.

Osborne etc in their 'upbringing' as millionaires remind me of military generals with sets of toy soldiers that they send off to the slaughter of war. WTF do they know about costs of living and dying?

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