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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Forget about the social fund!!!

We all have been in a position to have applied for a grant from JCP’s social fund. In the past the social fund covered urgent expenses such as buying furniture when moving into a new place, interview clothes and educational fees for adults. We have been told by our local JCP’s manager that this fund at least in our locality has been tapped out. I wouldn’t be surprised if the current government completely cancelled this fund across the nation in the near future. Even if they don’t do that we have been proven from our past experiences that they usually decline most clients’ claims for grants and instead issue a loan lower than the requested amount. Then the poor unfortunate benefit claimant has their benefits garnished to cover the loan and in most cases the deduction is a substantial chunk of their weekly income which makes it much harder to cope with the oceans of life expenses in this already economically miserable times. It is not a bad idea to utterly forget about the social fund. No worries there are other sources of funds in urgent situations. There are virtually hundreds of charitable trusts who provide grants for pretty much any cause. The process is very meticulous and might take close to 2 months but at least there are no strings attached and you won’t have to pay back a penny. All you need to do is do a search on the following websites or give them a call to find out what charities would provide funds for your specific need. Good luck folks!!!

Friday, 22 July 2011


A few pictures from our participation in Tolpuddle on Sunday 17/7/11, Enjoy!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Housing Workshop

We have a public workshop
About the current housing issues

Free entry for all
Thursday 21/7/11
7-9 PM
Foresters Hall
269 Kilburn High Rd

Speakers from the Brent Law Society and the Hackney Housing Group (part of LCAP) will attend


Kilburn Festival

Thanks everyone for your support and attendance at the wonderful Kilburn Festival. We all had a great time and were able to raise awareness and receive some donations. Enjoy these pictures, it was purely Rock'N'Roll.
Thanks again and rock on everyone!!!