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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Our upcoming workshop on the Work Capability Reassessment

Are you or anyone you know having issues with ESA and/or WORK CAPABILITY REASSESSMENT?

You are not alone.

Find out what it is all about.

• Learn how many others are affected.

• Meet other people in similar situation.

• Gain support and feel

Struggling with health issues and being forced back into work prematurely by the
Work Capability Reassessment???

Unfair decisions and lack of support???


Come along and hear others’ experiences and share yours.

Have some solidarity.

Lets prepare for action.

The Kilburn unemployed workers group (KUWG) says:

Oppose the work Capability Reassessment

Come to our workshop:

Thursday 20/10/11
7-9 PM
Forester Hall (part of the Tricycle Cinema)
269 Kilburn High Rd

Free Entry

Ellenor Hutson of SERTUC (south eastern region of the trades union congress)
to lead everyone to have a chance to have their say.