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KUWG's 2014-month-01-to-03 in pictures

Placard from January 2014
In January we started cooperating with blogger Kate Belgrave | Talking with people dealing with public sector cuts. This followed her spotting us at a Boycott Workfare demo in Central London and a follow-on contact at one of our weekly mutual support and planning meetings, but was subjected to a delay in our actual public outreach outside Kilburn Jobcentre on account of very wet and windy weather. That would have made handing out leaflets something of an insult, and been extremely bad for filming conditions. And the rain and wind tore the first copy of the display placard to shreds!
NW6 5AH is the postcode of Kilburn JCP
13 January protest with Unite the Union vs 'Benefits Street'
KUWG activists at Kilburn Jcp, 12 March 2014
Front cover of flyer for protest against Iain Duncan Smith visit to Hammersmith Jobcentre, 5 March 2014
Placard in support of RMT strike against closure of ticket offices

Just the threat of sanctions turns jobcentres into tinder-boxes