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Thursday, 7 November 2013

From Brent Trades Union Council, mentors of Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group

Brent Trade Union Council
Demonstrate outside Willesden Bus garage on Friday 8 November at 9am 
Defend Willesden Unite Rep Robert Chung!
Robert Chung faces a disciplinary hearing in Holloway today (Friday 8th) at 10 am in Holloway garage which could result in his dismissal.
Robert had every right to point out the dangers on the road on the day of the storm, Monday 20th. He had just escaped death or serious injury by seconds. It is inhuman and vindictive to expect him to continue driving in such conditions after such an incident. As the Health and Safety Rep as well as the Union Rep his concerns for the safety of passengers was absolutely justified.
This is the second serious attempt to sack Robert and we regard this as an attempt to  break the union organisation and sack a Rep who has stood up for his members and fought management on their behalf.
Brent TUC has called this demonstration to let the drivers know we are 100% behind Robert and if he is sacked we will mount an all-out campaign in the local and  national Labour movement to reinstate him.
You are all aware of his record in fighting every manifestation of racism and victimisation against individuals and groups no matter what personal danger he  put himself in. Likewise he opposed the new contracts management were attempting to get drivers to sign at the start of the year, pointing out the rights and conditions that would be lost if the drivers accepted these.
He has put his neck on the block for you. Support him now – insist on an urgent garage meeting to discuss how to defend Robert and union organisation.
An injury to one is an injury to all! If we are to reverse the increasingly harsh disciplinary regime in the garages we must start somewhere. Defending your Rep is the first step in turning that tide!
Pete Firmin, Chair 
Roger Cox Secretary Brent TUC. 
Trades and Labour Hall, (Apollo Club), 375 High Road, Willesden, London NW10 2JR

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