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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Isa Muazu Hunger Strike

Sorry for the late notice but our friends in Unity, Glasgow asked us to distribute an appeal for people to come to Isa Muazu's court hearing tomorrow at:
10.30 am at the Administrative Court, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London.
Unity’s message says:
“This is the third hearing regarding Isa's hunger strike. The judge has said that Isa is using the hunger strike to manipulate his release despite evidence that without hospitalisation at this point Isa's condition is likely fatal. Medical Justice are heavily involved and managed to find Isa legal representation.
Isa's hunger strike began because he could not eat any of the food available in the detention centre (Harmondsworth) because of two conditions he suffers from Haemorrhoids and a kidney condition, He went to a screening interview voluntarily after a number of refused leave to remain applications as the situation with Boko Haram worsened and he has been targetted by this group in Nigeria.
Isa took food with him including liver, kidney beans and vegetables because his diet is strict and he calls it his medicine for his kidney problems. He was not permitted to take this food into detention and he was also told at the start of the interview he would not be detained when he told them about his health.
During detention he was taken to hospital for surgery for the haemorrhoids but the doctor could not perform the surgery because he was too ill, weak and had lost a lot of weight. This was because he was only eating cornflakes.
Harmondsworth were informed by Unity on numerous occasions of his dietary needs and we said we would send the food he requested but they said 'we do not have children in here' on the phone and did not respond to faxes.
Isa decided to stop eating cornflakes because of the complete lack of recognition for his health. He started collapsing and was taken to the health care wing permanently.
Once Medical Justice found him a lawyer, staff at Harmondsworth advised him that he could now resume eating and take fluids because he had a hearing coming up and everything was going to be ok after that so he was taken to hospital and was put on a drip and ate half a sandwhich and I think some yogurt. When the hearing commenced this was used against him as it was stated he was accepting treatment offered by the detention centre and he was no longer at risk.
Because of this Isa feels he was tricked and refuses to accept any healthcare or food, hence, his critical condition. Besides the food taken at the hospital he has been on hunger strike for two months now and is very weak. 
Isa wants as many people to attend his hearing as possible as he does not want his treatment and the treatment of others to go unnoticed.
Thanks so much and talk more soon.”

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