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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Updated Thursday 14 November @ 10:09am



  1. Gather as soon after 3pm as possible and appoint/select facilitator/chairperson and minute-taker
  2. Present
  3. Apologies: Brian, Carolyn, Clarence, Kirsty, Lexie, Mandy, Marie, Mark, Mira, Nygell, Pam
  4. Cases and Members' Wellbeing (Pt 1)
  5. Break
  6. Draft Minutes of group meetings held 7 November 2013 and any matters arising not addressed below.
    • "History is made by those who control the minutes"?
  7. Reports and discussion of recent actions and current and emerging campaigns:
    1. Report from Friday 8 November Willesden Bus Garage 'Defend Willesden Unite Rep Robert Chung' demo called by Brent Fightback
    2. Justice for Herbert and All Claimants Campaign update
    3. Mark's anti-eviction progress
    4. Elizabeth's landlord situation
    5. KUWG workshops progress
    6. How we use our stewardship of increased KUWG finance. Alan proposes that KUWG
      1. Pays up front for weekly room rental at Kingsgate Community Centre up till end of December 2014 at least
      2. Makes a donation to LCAP, and maybe even a standing order to TUC National Appeal for the Unemployed, and/or set aside a special a/c to help fund our outreach to emerging unemployed workers/claimants union groups outside London
      3. Considers a budget for running costs including
        1. stationery [printouts of minutes],
        2. campaigning materials,
        3. room hires for workshops
        4. travel costs,
        5. training
      4. Starts an investment a/c with Nationwide Building Society, Triodos Bank or Metro Bank that will earn us more generous and more ethical interest than available through the current Barclays current a/c or anything hedge-fund owned Co-operative Bank could offer us. Co-operative Bank customers include human rights abusing and corporation tax-dodging G4S!
      Alan recognises that setting budgets may require consideration beyond this one group meeting!
    7. Next KUWG jobcentre leafleting, logo and leaflet design matters and flags
    8. Forward planning to Boycott Workfare Week, Monday 2 December to Sunday 8 December
      • Possibilitiy of liaising with allied organisations toward a Boycott Workfare Week demo at Hammersmith Jobcentre, where Universal Credit is now being piloted.
    9. Other events and campaigns
  8. Finance issues
  9. AOB, incl Cases (Pt 2) if necessary, and prompt exit by 5:30pm, with tables and chairs put back in storage space.

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