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Monday, 11 November 2013

Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group members oppose evictions

Members of Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group recently helped at least defer an eviction and give invaluable breathing space to one of our members who was faced with the threat of eviction. But as is the case with bullying landlords, the landlord involved is continuing to add to the mental health problems of the tenant involved and so anti-eviction work is a process that needs to continue in the case involved from last Wednesday.

And as activists should be venerated rather than witch-hunted, here is a stained glass effect touch up by Swheatie of a photo that was taken on Wednesday 6 November — a touch-up that led one kuwga [Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group activist] to exclaim:
"Oh that's nice Swheatie. Kuwg have glasstic surgery"
Kuwgas against eviction!

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