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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Brent ARC opposing state racism, while Swheatie points to the real source of UK housing and job shortages

From Martin Francis' Wembley Matters blog

Preface by Swheatie of the KUWG

LB Brent is one of the London boroughs targeted by a racist Home Office witch hunt and Brent Anti-Racism's demonstration and awareness raising exercise in Wembley this morning cannot get everywhere.

So I have decided to post the start of Martin Francis' blog piece about the matter on this blog, concluding with a link to the full blog post on the Wembley Matters blog. The KUWG blog has viwers around the globe, and so hopefully there will also be viewers from the other London boroughs targeted.

The Home Office may have threatening arms, but the KUWG currently has a global following that should include the other London boroughs where the current ethnicity-based witch hunt is taking place.

And Swheatie wishes to point out that the London housing crisis arises more from successive UK government's under-investment in social housing stock, taxpayer-subsidised Right to Buy's erosion of social housing stock, and the greed of global capitalists who love gambling on shortages and spongeing off the UK state in their own ways.

And capitalism loves exporting jobs to wherever the working conditions are most slave like in the interests of profit, while global corporations pressurise nation states and the EU to make conditions for the reserve army of labour/slavery ever harder so that those who can will take up whatever 'job offers' are presented to them. And the Tory flagship 'Universal Credit' will, it is feared, bully the people claiming Working Tax Credits to find more working hours.

The real problem when people claim Universal Credit is more likely to be skinflint employers providing wages that are too low, and/or limits to the number of hours the employee can manage to make.

Brent Anti-Racism Campaign steps up rights campaign over Operation Skybreaker

Brent is one of five London boroughs to be chosen as the target for Operation Skybreaker. This follows targeting of the borough by racist organisations such as the BNP, Britain First and the South East Alliance and by the UK Border Agency and Home Office through the racist van and raids on tube stations.

Today the Brent Against Racism Campaign (BrentARC) will be in Wembley Central  distributing the leaflets below informing the public and businesses about their rights regarding Operation Skybreaker.

The leaflet below is particularly aimed at small business owners:
Continue reading this blog piece on the Wembley Matters blog....

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