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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Stop TTIP petition from 38Degrees

As the saying goes, the price of liberty is constant vigilance. Thus it seems there is little time for me to practice on my guitar today, despite having got up at about 7:30am. But I'll try and make this the last upload I make today.


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A deal that could permanently privatise our NHS is being negotiated in secret right now. It's called the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership, or TTIP for short, and this EU-US trade deal is one of the most dangerous ever written. [1]

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have the power to scupper it. But first they need to feel the pressure from the people they represent - us, the public. Can you add your name to a huge EU-wide petition and help convince them? Click here to sign: [Swheatie adds: beware of request for a donation that follows your signing of the petition]

Today, thousands of 38 Degrees members are out on the streets campaigning against TTIP and collecting signatures for this petition.

The shady deal would allow big corporations to sue our government if they don't like our laws. Simply raising minimum wage could drag our government into a lawsuit that could cost taxpayers millions. [2] The same sort of deal is being negotiated with Canada called CETA. [3]

Both of these massive deals have been negotiated behind closed doors. Now people across Europe are uniting to force them out into the open.

If TTIP and CETA can be pushed to the top of the political agenda in the EU, then MEPs will be forced to say whether they support it or not. Your signature, along with hundreds of thousands of others from countries including Germany, France and Italy, can help move these dangerous deals into the spotlight.

There are millions of 38 Degrees members in the UK alone, and there's millions more people across Europe who want to stop TTIP. Will you add your name? Please click the link to sign the petition: https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/ttip-eu

Working across borders which usually divide us can have a really powerful impact. This pettion is organised by 240 organisations and signed by people from all 28 EU countries. We may all live in different places and speak different languages - but together, we all stand against TTIP, and that sends a strong message. [4]

Thanks for being involved,

Belinda, India, James and the 38 Degrees team

[1] Independent: British sovereignty 'at risk' from EU-US trade deal: UK in danger of surrendering judicial independence to multinational corporations:
[2] Touchstone: Special courts for foreign investors have no place in trade deals:
[3] Short briefing on CETA, by Nick Dearden, Director of World Development Movement:
[4] Stop TTIP: Supporting organisations:

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