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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Placard designs for KUWG's next demo

Placards designs by Swheatie of the KUWG

 The above placard paraphrases feedback on a recent Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group from a friend of Swheatie who recently attended a KUWG meeting to find out about people who are poor from themselves rather than from statistical studies. (Kwuggies is one of many nicknames KUWG members have for themselves and each other.)
 Whoever devised the system by which JobSeekers Allowance claimants are obliged to attend the jobcentre/slave centre every day at alternating times, did they do it to enhance the mental health or employment prospects of the daily attendance fodder?

For more on this, see our Honorary Member Kate Belgrave's blog piece Daily JSA sign on: more sadism for the hell of it from the DWP.

 Another KUWG Honorary Member, blogger Johnny Void, writes that the DWP has launched another boring 'grass up your neighbour' campaign that allows the real megabucks benefit fraudsters a very easy ride.

Are the perpetrators of such campaigns pleased with their correlative impact on disability hate crime?

While the Gagging Law is now an Act of Parliament, taxpayers money is being used to further hate crimes against disabled people.
 With all the attacks on poor people through the benefits system, what is the 'end game' of these attackers?
Every Atos 'Medical Examination Centre' should have a warning placed outside it
When Atos 'Disability Analysts' are inducted to believe that as they are 'only assessing claimants' the Hippocratic Oath does not apply, where are their core values? Doctors worked in Nazi concentration camps and later claimed they were 'only following orders'. See Sickness benefit clawback firm tells GP people are 'claimants, not patients'

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