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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

'No to MIPIM UK'-inspired-or-related placard designs

By Swheatie of the KUWG

Who ever voted for MIPIM UK?
When people voted for their councillors, mayors etc., did they have any inkling how the people they voted for would be wined and dined by property developers who are more interested in investing in puppets than furthering democracy?

KUWG members will be celebrating the launch of No to MIPIM UK
Jet-setters are just not domesticated
People who have too many homes and who squander others' ability to find a place to live by gambling on and exploiting 'supply and demand' are not really fitted to be world citizens, anywhere that they happen to be.
Housing Benefit tenants are not 'useless eaters'
 Chancellor George Osborne and his ilk represent housing benefit tenants very much like the Nazis portrayed disabled people — as burdens on society. In fact it has been the mercenary nature of offshore landlords and the collusion of mainstream television companies with the concept of home ownership and 'buy to let' housing that have drainedd the public purse for private profit and corporate bail out of irresponsible lenders. See Mike McNabb's very revealing analysis of a Daily Mail article about Somali asylum seekers, and how the reporter's lack of due proportionality leads readers — and subsequently voters — astray with its messaging. Link to Asylum seeker's £2m home: but who's playing the system?
Global parasites strip us of our assets
Poor people are all too frequently portrayed as parasites. As a Quaker, I believe there is something of God in every person. (KUWG is not a religious organisation but includes people who are religious and spiritual.) But in the sense that what people live for is to a large extent what they become, the wealthy lay themselves open to being described as parasites.

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