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Sunday, 19 October 2014


Report by CK — that's not Calvin Klein but Clarence Kwuggledite of the KUWG

No to MIPIM rocks!

Kuwg banner outside Centre (banner was slightly on 6.30pm bbc news with my hat and Robin's head/teeshirt, and Yiannis and Berlin Pauline).

KUWG banner at No to MIPIM
I visited The 'House of cards" built by protestors! Met Franz (Pauline took my photo) and I spoke to Darren Johnson (Green Party member of the London Assembly) who said to say hello to Swheatie of KUWG. [Swheatie adds: Darren Johnson is author of a report Crumbs for London: Why the Mayor of London's housing strategy will do little for ordinary Londoners.]

Great informed and organised protestors from Unite Community & Radical Housing Network mainly. A lot of the MIPIM people going in seemed genuinely bemused that their 'good deeds' (Regeneration) could be criticised, but many took leaflets.

Over and out.
Clarence Kwuggledite at No to MIPIM


KUWG says, "No to MIPIM."

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