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Friday, 6 May 2016

Council sourced housing as a workplace and suckerdom issue

Regarding the exploitation of 'licensees' by a 'property guardian' company called VPS using old Camden Council stock, the Camden New Journal reports:

Empty home schemes: As the costs go up, property guardians ask 'where are our rights?'(1)

Published: 28 April, 2016
LIVING as custodians of former pubs, empty offices or in the twilight zones of council high-rises awaiting demolition, Camden’s property guardians are something of a hidden population....
For the charges issued by another 'property guardians' company, go to Global Guardians.(2)

A CNJ reader questions the maths on all this.(3)  It might be argued that the licensees and council are the 'suckers' in this, but we need to face the fact that if the Housing & Planning Bill 2016 gets passed by Parliament, we will all be suckered into slavery and exploitation by a global elite and their friends in Parliament and the 'popular press'. Former Community Care magazine 'Outside Left' blogger Mike McNabb criticised the blinkers of the Daily Mail on housing issues.(4) Yet the clutches of the Daily Mail on Transport for London are contractual, and Green Party Mayoral hopeful 2016 Sian Berry proposed an alternative to that dominance or hegemony.(5)

It is also against the backdrop of the so-called Housing & Planning Bill 2016 that Kill the Housing Bill has been set up, and they have a blog.(6) 


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