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Sunday, 22 May 2016

DWP 'Peer review of serious customer complaint' — aka 'internal review into 49 claimant deaths'

The following is a transcript of very heavily redacted versions of the 49 peer reviews into claimant deaths conducted by the DWP — referred to at http://kilburnunemployed.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/benefits-work-publishing-newsletter-on-claimant-deaths-and-cover-up.html

To: [REDACTED]         From: [REDACTED]

cc: [REDACTED]         Tel: [REDACTED]

        Fax: [REDACTED]

        Date: [REDACTED]

Re: Peer review of serious customer complaint


The review was done by accessing computer records/recordings of telephone conversations and by checking processes.

The report sets out the findings of the review, key events, the handling of the case and lessons that can be learned.

Summary of findings


Additional facts and evidence


I have proposed a number of recommendations based on the findings of the review. Recommendations are attached along with a more detailed timetable of events. Although the timetable is lengthy, its contents do outline the findings and recommendations of the review.


That the guidance for handling vulnerable customers is reviewed and that staff are reminded of the correct process [REDACTED]

That we empower staff to use some discretion in cases involving vulnerable people, instead of doing everything 'by the book'[REDACTED]

That staff on the ESA helpline are provided with refresher training to help them to better understand the claim process, [REDACTED]
Equally, benefit processors need to update system notes promptly so that operators have the most up to date information available.
That the process for sending documentation between Jobcentres and BDCs, particularly by fax, is reviewed. [REDACTED]

That the call back process is reviewed, particularly the need for customers to be with their representative at the call back when they were with them during the initial call.


Report on key events

This shows what happened at various stages of the customer's claim and is based on computer records/recordings of telephone conversations.


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