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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

PMQ-worthiness of perils of Universal Credit — and a request for a substantive response from Labour

KUWG's Abby wrote an open letter to the Leader of the Opposition in the UK Parliament.(1) We have published their reply.(2) Below is our Abby's response to the Labour Party's Communication Agent's response.

Dear [Communications Assistant],

Thank you for responding to my email. 
I was hoping for a response to our concern that Universal Credit should be raised at PMQs (or in some other meaningfully effective way), rather than a cut-and-paste about the new direction Labour under Jeremy Corbyn offers us. We understand this very well, which is the main reason we wrote in the hopes that you would engage with us and let us know what Labour's plans are for raising the issue as a matter of urgency.

Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group has been in existence since 2009. We are a collective made up of unemployed people on ESA, JSA and pensioners. 

We give each other peer support as we are made to jump through the hoops (put in place by successive governments) in order to obtain the benefits we are entitled to. The current Tory government is by far the most dangerous to the lives and wellbeing of those not in high paid work. We also do outreach mainly at jobcentres, and campaign and protest on vital related issues such as the dire housing situation in London.

We hold out a lot of hope that the Labour Party with its new leadership and direction will spend the next four years battling in Parliament as we battle with the DWP at work capability assessments and tribunals to overturn bad decisions, and that a Labour government will prevail in 2020.

We hope you will want to engage with us on this and many other issues as we continue to build the movement that will defeat the Tories in Parliament leading up to the next election and then of course at the polls.
I would very much appreciate a substantive response to my email with your thoughts on how Labour will be dealing with the issue of Universal Credit in Parliament.
In solidarity,
Abby Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group (KUWG)


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