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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Property moguls set to gain from Housing & Planning Bill 2016

Camden New Journal reports that property moguls are set to profit from taxpayer subsidised 'right to buy' extension in social housing. And people lacking the 'wherewithal' will be screwed rather than gain anything from being on the housing waiting list.(1)

The matter of the affluent 'playing the system' has all happened General Elections ago in Conservative boroughs such as Hammersmith & Fulham. Yet it has been refugees and asylum seekers that have got the blame, and the scapegoating has helped ensure the roll-out of such schemes nationwide.(2)

What can cause the occurrence of 'high value voids' that the CNJ reports will be sold off to sponsor 'right to buy' extensions in Camden? The viciousness of the even meaner 'overall benefit cap', for one thing. In the interests of 'informed choice' it would have been much better if Naomi Klein's classic from 2007, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism had been much more widely known before the 2010 General Election.(3)

For the sell off of 'prime real estate' on the open-to-whoever-has-billions-of-laundered-currency-to-spare is a prime example of the sell-off of national assets as outlined in that book. What satisfies the greedy friends of the 'key decision makers' who love the creation of shortages that boosts the price of commodities is not good for poorer folk. Once it was the burning of rice; now it's the creation of a 'fire sale' of social housing.

I would say that the Housing & Planning Bill 2016 should be renamed the Evictions & Scheming Bill.


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