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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Assessment of Z2K's advice services

Z2K is short for Zacchaeus 2000, the justice for vulnerable debtors charity that was set up by Kwug's friend and activist Revd Paul Nicolson. It has had more years of giving advice services to vulnerable people than KUWG and its caseworkers and we have frequently referred service users with cases outside of our expertise areas to Z2K.

Yet just as KUWG has had to go through assessment of its processes in making funding applications, so to has Z2K with its advice services. You can read Z2K Chief Executive Officer Joanne Kennedy's blogged assessment of that assessment procedure at http://z2k.org/2016/08/assessing-our-casework-service/

Funders increasingly demand such audits of organisations that apply for extra funds to help sort out the problems caused by government systems. Would it not be great if the devisers of government systems that cause enormous problems for vulnerable people and their case workers could be subjected to nearly so much scrutiny?

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