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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Revd Paul Nicolson says he will stop protesting against his local authority when they stop taxing benefit incomes

Kwug with Revd Paul Nicolson, Haringey Unite Community, and Disabled People Against Cuts

Today at Tottenham Magistrates Court, members of Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group joined other supporters of Revd Paul Nicolson in his case against LB Haringey levying Council Tax on people on State Benefits. 
Tottenham Magistrates Court and Haringey Council put on notice about the errors of their ways

Haringey Council's 'hounding the poor' practice, as he has argued, leads to debt-induced evictions where the Council chases people too poor to pay. His supporters today included members of Haringey Unite Community Branch, Disabled People Against Cuts, Winvisible (Women with visible and invisible disabilities) and SOAP (Speak Out Against Psychiatry). There was also a reporter from London Live News on hand to interview Revd Paul.(1) [Link to today's interview currently pending]
Revd Paul with London Live interviewer

Empathising with Revd Paul's stand, Kwuggies attending our Burnout Workshop on Tuesday 2 August signed a 'thank you' card for Revd Paul for his role as a 'great teacher'. That card was hand delivered to his Tottenham home on Wednesday afternoon and greatly appreciated by the recipient while his local authority and Tottenham Magistrates did not appreciate the basic arithmetical lessons that he was trying to teach them, nor the value of life and what debt does to people in council wards marked as being 'low birth weight capitals' of not only Britain but also the Western World.

So as our friend Paul notes:(2)

Haringey taxes poorest residents of most deprived UK wards with low life expectancy & high rate of low birth-weight






Rev Paul Nicolson
020 8376 5455
07961 177 889

I lost my council tax case against Haringey Council's court costs today and await a another summons to court at which the Tottenham Magistrates can jail me
I am refusing to pay £2831.42 council tax in solidarity with and because of the damage the tax is doing to the health of​  very badly off residents of Haringey some of whom have had their income stopped by a benefit sanction.
Meanwhile Haringey council continues to tax the benefit incomes of its poorest residents, adding court costs, sending in the bailiffs, ignoring mental and physical ill health, the short life span, the low birth-weight, food and fuel poverty,in some of the most deprived wards in the UK.
The Tottenham magistrates have rubber stamped over 60,000 council tax liability orders, 100s and 1000s at a time  adding court costs of £115​, against Haringey resident over the past three years on council print outs totally ignorant of their vulnerable circumstances. That adds to the mental health risks ​of ​unmanageable debt in the deprived wards on the court's doorstep ​, where average life expectancy is low and the risks of low birth-weight high. ​

I will stop protesting when Haringey stops taxing benefit incomes.

'Rubber stamping tens of thousands of Council Tax liability orders indicates that Haringey Council is not operating with due scrutiny regarding the  basic well-being of the poorest LB Haringey residents. Do they care?

Haringey Council continues to 'know the price of everything' in terms of the charges they levy against Council Tax debtors, and the 'value of nothing' in terms of human life of vulnerable people. Yet as an exemplary teacher, Revd Paul is clearly not giving up on such unwilling students as Haringey Council and Tottenham Magistrates Court. He exemplifies caring with his stance of continued defiance to injustice by the State.

Or has Conservative & Unionist Party Government so muzzled the judiciary that they dare not make any decisions that threaten the prospects of a wholesale return to debtors' prison society?

Who will report Haringey Council and Tottenham Magistrates to UN human rights investigators?

When is the next demonstration? The next lesson for those who really lack legitimate authority?

Link addresses

  1. Link to today's interview currently pending http://www.londonlive.co.uk/search?keyword=paul+nicolson
  2. http://taxpayersagainstpoverty.org.uk/news/media-release

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