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Friday, 5 August 2016

Lack of disability access at Tottenham Magistrates Court impedes justice and inclusion

Revd Paul Nicolson's 'Media Release' expanded last night after it was quoted in a Kwug Blog posting last night.(1) (2)

The expanded content starts with the words:
​My ​colleague​  Paul Burnham was in the court with me and wrote the following comment
and focuses on 
  • Corporate overheads
  • Orders made in bulk without any assessment on the impact on vulnerable people
  • Lack of due process in Court
The latter addresses the absence of any reasonable adjustments made for Revd Paul Nicolson's hardness of hearing. I have commented recently about councils levying taxes and fines that those councils cannot collect from the poorest people for services that people do not actually receive.(3) So it is clear that Tottenham Magistrates Court as one of the supposed services for LB Haringey residents is a contributing feature of the services that vulnerable people are being charged for but not receiving.

Green Party Work & Pensions Spokesperson Jonathan Bartley has observed that inclusion is not assimilation. (He is also a Green Party of England & Wales Leadership candidate on jobshare basis with Caroline Lucas MP.) Tottenham Magistrates Court, in failing to allow reasonable adjustments for Revd Paul Nicolson's disability in Court seems to be demonstrating an orientation toward the assimilation by conquest of disadvantaged people, rather than full inclusion.

Link addresses

  1. http://taxpayersagainstpoverty.org.uk/news/media-release 
  2. http://kilburnunemployed.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/revd-paul-nicolson-says-he-will-stop-protesting-aginst-his-local-authority-when-they-stop-taxing-benefit-incomes.html
  3. http://wembleymatters.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/96k-levied-in-litterering-fixed-penalty.html

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