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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Brent Central Labour Party Gala Dinner offers more than bread and warter — but at what price?

Thanks to Wembley Matters blogger Martin Francis for this.(1)
Gala dinner flyer. Lowest charge £35 concessions
Regarding aspirations for social inclusion, I am reminded of the saying, "Money talks; merit walks." I am also reminded of Revd Paul Nicolson's statement, 

"It is beyond the comprehension of national and local law-makers that £73.10 a week [Income Support/JobSeekers Allowance/Employment & Support Allowance] is TOO LOW TO TAX"(2)

How about the menu?

The menu offers a lot more variety than bread and water
The menu offers a lot more variety than bread and water. I wonder though, do those who have no misgivings about whether they could afford to attend such a 'gala' ever pause to consider the costings of meals on £73.10 a week? How much nutrition can you get for £73.10 a week?

Dude Swheatie of Kwug

Link addresses

  1. http://wembleymatters.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/fifty-quid-to-spare-come-to-dinner-with.html
  2. http://taxpayersagainstpoverty.org.uk/news/it-is-beyond-the-comprehension-of-national-and-local-law-makers-that-73.10-

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  1. Comment from CJ received by e-mail:

    Great Blog as ever Alan with some lively comments. I'm not sure how to put comments on there but as the son of a BUS CONDUCTOR i'm only charging £25 for cold beans on burnt toast.