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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Civil debtor Revd Paul Nicolson not backing down. Discussion with Nimco Ali and Sami Chakrabarti, Millennium Grn, Waterloo, Thurs 18 Aug, 2016, 18:00 to 18:45

Ex UK diplomat Craig Murray now blogs largely about the UK as Vauntie Cybernat, Former Ambassador, Human Rights Activist while he is based in Russia, judging by his email address craigmurray AT mail DOT ru (1) (2)

His latest blog post focuses on the disparities between how the law in the UK treats benefit claimants found guilty of fraud and how members of the Royal Family and other members of the landowning classes are treated when they engage in fraudulent activity, and is entitled The Dysfunctional United Kingdom.(3)

Murray concludes:
The political class have a deliberate will not to enforce inheritance tax on the super wealthy. They have a political will not to tackle landlordism, which as it affects both residential and commercial tenants is a fundamental malaise of the British economy. Neither problem is technically difficult. The problem is that the political class as a whole are in the pockets of the super-wealthy, promote their interests and ache to join them.

Which is why in the UK it is important that the threat to them posed by Corbyn is maintained, and why in Scotland it is essential that the SNP membership now push their own leadership into bold action on fundamental land reform and Independence. To call the current SNP approach to both issues desultory would be excessively polite.

Meanwhile, Scottish-based welfare rights activist Tony Cox was recently found guilty on trumped up charges of "'threatening behaviour' when attempting to insist on accompany a vulnerable woman to her Work Capability Assessment" and sentenced to 150 hours of unpaid work.(4) Tony's conviction can be largely attributed to the prejudices of a Sheriff — Scottish equivalent of a judge in England — against benefit claimants.

In England, Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group's friend Revd Paul Nicolson in defiance of Tottenham Magistrates Court and LB Haringey is refusing to pay the Council Tax:
I am refusing to pay the Council Tax. (It is not a crime it is a civil debt); I will be talking about undertaking that civil disobedience.(5)

He will be talking about that on Thursday 18 August at Millennium Green, Waterloo with Nimco Ali and Sami Chakrabarti at a discussion about How to Change the World.(6) The theatrical production called Rise that the 'How to Change the World' discussion precedes is sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies(6) (7) (8)

Though the 'philanthropic' nature of the sourcing of the sponsorship money for Rise might be suspect, Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group has great faith in Revd Paul Nicolson and his action. Paul, like Tony Cox, has previously supported benefit claimants in their cases. Not paying Council Tax is civil disobedience and so discouraged by the establishment that Paul has been 'hauled up in front of Tottenham Magistrates Court and has yet to be sentenced. 

Yet however much jobcentre and disability assessment companies' security guards and management like to pretend that accompanying people to interviews is not legal, imagine the challenge to the dysfunctional United Kingdom if Craig Murray could apply the skills of a former diplomat in escorting vulnerable people to interviews and living in the UK to become liable for — and refuse to pay — Council Tax etc!

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Bloomberg Philanthropies founder Michael Bloomberg is the eighth riches person it the world https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Bloomberg

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