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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Are these the kinds of 'experimental statistics' the DWP wants to hear on Universal Credit -- publicly, I mean?

Yesterday this blogger placed a comment on Kitty S Jones' 'Politics and Insights' blog post, The connection between Universal Credit, ordeals and experiments in electrocuting laboratory rats:(1)

Thanks for this, Kitty, especially as it is now written and can thus be referenced.

I commend you to send it to:
Stephanie Sarwar
Universal Credit Official Statistics team
Data & Analytics
Department for Work and Pensions
Benton Park View
NE98 1YX

A: “Open consultation [sic] — Universal Credit experimental statistics [sic!]: future developments:
“From: Department for Work and Pensions
“Part of: Universal Credit statistics
“Published: 13 September 2017

“We are seeking views on plans to expand the range of our Universal Credit statistics….”
More at https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/universal-credit-experimental-statistics-future-developments
Endnote (for now): “Sir Bert [Massie, who died last week] once said that disabled people ‘have been invited to look up to the stars while having the rug pulled from beneath them’.”
I met Sir Bert Massie after a Radar debate in 2008 in which he opposed David Freud’s motion: “Most disabled people can and should work.” (That was when David Freud was Labour's 'welfare reform guru' as one who had never been near the benefits system before his appointment.

(Massie and Kate Green — then of Child Poverty Action Group — in ensemble with the audience and questions and comments from the floor, heavily defeated Freud’s motion and replaced it with one that included reference to support requirements.)
In meeting Sir Bert I told  that I had met an Occupational Psychologist [sic] at a Manpower Services-run ‘Employment Rehabilitation Centre’ (ERC) [sic] in 1978 at age 24, and she — with her MSc in Experimental Psychology — told me, “You will be terminated [sic] at the end of next week,” with no further help stemming from my six-week ‘vocational assessment period’ there.
Sir Bert Massie then responded that he had ‘been terminated from an ERC ten years earlier!

Now The Guardian has produced a news story headed:

Universal credit behind rising rent arrears and food bank use, 'guinea pig' councils say

Research by Southwark and Croydon councils reveals devastating effect of new benefits system (2)
So when the DWP calls for people [and presumably welfare state privatising corporations] to send in their ideas about 'Open consultation [sic] — Universal Credit experimental statistics [sic!]: future developments', (3) what do they mean, especially given that when challenged on broadcast and Internet news media, they send statements without spokespersons, that say, "Universal Credit works wonders and is going entirely according to plan," without giving any evidence for that stance?

NB: That supposedly 'open consultation' ends at 23:45 today, and if this is a truly 'open consultation' perhaps you could dismiss the bullshit and refer to Kitty S Jones' above cited blog post, and also blog posts from Kwug Blog such as There is an urgent need for real evidence-gathering re DWP practices, not dehumanising experimentation.(4)

Blog post by Dude Swheatie of Kwug

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