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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Toghether we are stronger. Join us!

Together we are stronger. Join us!

Some equality & diversity attendance statistics from when this blog editor was Kwug's attendance monitor

KUWG meeting attendance figures, 6 Jan-to-28 Apr 2014
KUWG meeting attendance figures, 14 Apr-to-14 Jul 2014
KUWG meeting attendance figures,24 Jul-to18 Sep 2014
The above figures were in line with Kingsgate Community Centre term times and the availabity of room bookings for us, while the diversity tags were as prescribed by Kingsgate Community Centre's funder, Camden Council.

Please note that too little publicised Tory Government policy is for community centres to operate 'more like businesses', and 'less like charities'. This means community centres receiving insufficient funding to pay a proper quota of staff, and to become more and more reliant upon volunteers, and possibly excluding not-for-profit bookings.

Is that 'behaving more like a business than a charity'?

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