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Sunday, 15 October 2017

DWP statement puppetry, nation of zombies?

DWP statement puppetry, nation of zombies?
For how long will the DWP be able to get away with sending in a statement about how brilliantly Universal Credit is boosting employment and claimant employability, while there is loads of evidence that it is actually making many claimants destitute and demoralised, having to sell everything?

The DWP were told three years ago that less than 6% of a Welsh social landlord's tenants had sufficient savings to manage the long minimum waiting times that claiming Universal Credit entails; and still the DWP carried on as before. (BBC tv 6 o'clock news, Wednesday 11 October 2017.)

Judging by the fact that this Government has carried on regardless with all this inhumane waiting time and the grossly unfair 'Short-Term Benefit Advance' only payable after weeks of waiting and soon followed by deductions at source, that Universal Credit is designed to destroy the spirit of the claimant and make debt slaves of those who might be able to work, and screw the remainder.

Will those listeners who are comparatively comfortable deluge their MPs with 'enough is enough', 'stop this human catastrophe now' calls? Or are we a nation of zombies?

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