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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Guest blog piece by Women Against Rape, opposing cuts to legal aid

Join the demonstration to
10am Friday 7th March Old Palace Yard SW1.
Who is next for a far-from-fair trial?
Followed by march to Ministry of Justice
Lawyers are refusing to attend court on Friday to protest against further legal aid cuts.
Noela Claye, All African Women’s Group, who is being persecuted by the Home Office and is fighting a heroic battle to win the right to safety and protection in the UK will be speaking at the event.
Black Women’s Rape Action Project and Women Against Rape are supporting the protest – we work with many rape survivors who will be deprived of vital legal representation by these cuts*.
These cuts will cost lives.  Please join the protest.
Call 020 7482 2496 for more information.
*Legal Action for Women explains the cuts and the impact on women in particular: click here
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