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Monday, 3 March 2014

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Kate Belgrave helps give a taste of claimants'/customers' views of Marylebone Jobcentre in Lisson Grove off Marylebone Road. She writes the Kilburn Unemployed:
Have put up a post about Lisson Grove here:

Swheatie of the Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group says:

"In their isolation, it's tempting but not productive for people who are harassed on benefits to ask: 'Why is it always me?'

"There are more effective questions to ask and more effective ways to ask them. The KUWG now has an answer to Osbourne's 'austerity' budget box and demonisiation of people who did not cause the banks' collapse. We're more angry than frightened; and we also have a 'bull horn' that helps wake people up. We also occasionally have Kate Belgrave to come along with us, ask questions, and listen.

"And when we have done that, people have come up to us and asked questions like: 'How can I donate money to your group? I think it's really important what you are doing.'

"How about talking to someone about what you have read here? How can you help make 'Magic Monday' material out of what Kate blogs about?"

KUWG members more angry than frightened, loud and proud in Lisson Grove

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