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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Sir David Higgins, Newham's 'Olympic Legacy' and what is likely to come of Euston as HS2 hits town

My starting point was this opening paragraph in a Camden New Journal article:

A FORMER Town Hall leader has sent an explosive open letter to High Speed 2 chief executive Sir David Higgins railing against his claims that demolishing homes around Euston and handing land to “big player” developers would actually help “deprived” communities.

Link to original source article. A very important part of that article, it seems to me, is where it says that the former Town Hall leader in question was muzzle in his speaking out against HS2 by the fact that he could be accused of representing the interests of himself and his family too much. (Compare that with the fact that Kilburn & Hampstead MP Glenda Jackson — who infamously supports HS2 — does not live in Hampstead or Kilburn and is likely to be off enjoying her pension when the proposed **** hits the proverbial fan.)

Now, link to online encyclopaedia Wikipedia entry on Sir David Higgins that emphasise for me how important research can be before launching in to a response to the major issues that that quoted paragraph bring up. Put someone largely responsible for what has happened to 'property development' and social housing in Newham in charge of a large part of the future for wherever HS2 will plough through is a portent for disaster. Whereas the Hungarian Parliament has attempted to make it a crime to be homeless or to support homeless people, Newham launches a crack down on rough sleepers. See Housing section of Kate Belgrave's blog.

Now, who needs 'conspiracy theories' when you can have biographies? And, talking of biographies, I suppose I'd better be at the coming planning meeting of Inequality Bus Tour this coming Monday when I was hoping to take things a little easier and get time for my very rudimentary singing and guitar practice.


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