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Monday, 10 November 2014

0 hrs carework, rent arrears, eviction?

Latest from Kwug's Honorary Member Kate Belgrave shows how litlle careworkers are appreciated. Those who look after vulnerable people are often made more vulnerable by the State and employers than by the people they care for.

"It's the poor what gets the blame"

 24, careworker on zero hours and facing eviction from Focus E15

This afternoon, I spent several hours talking with a 24-year-old woman who is in rent arrears at the Focus E15 hostel and must appear in Bow County Court tomorrow at 2pm to try and stop her eviction from the hostel. If that fails, she’ll be evicted on Tuesday by East Homes. (East Homes is part of the East Thames Housing Group – if you like, give them a shout here @EastThamesGroup to ask them why they think homelessness is an acceptable option for young people who are already struggling, especially with winter approaching). If the eviction goes ahead, this young woman is pretty sure she will be out on the streets. She is probably right. She’s facing eviction from a homelessness hostel, which will make her – err, homeless. This woman suffers from depression. She is young and she is not rich. She’s in arrears and she will be punished. She has nowhere to go if she must leave Focus E15.
“I haven’t got anywhere else, because the only people I know are in the [Focus E15] hostel.” she says. “I want them [East Homes] to give me a month, or maybe two months to show that I can pay some of the money.” ...

Continue reading on Kate's blog, that carries a post-court-appearance update on this story...

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