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Friday, 21 November 2014

Crapita's bullied confessions deny vulnerable people justice

Title above by Dude Swheatie of the KUWG


 Report below from Z2K — Justice for vulnerable debtors

Investigating benefit ‘fraud': a case study

As part of their contract with Westminster Council Capita have been paying companies to conduct investigations into allegedly fraudulent housing benefit claims. Often these investigations have been triggered by people falling out with their neighbours or similar petty reasons. Most investigations rarely, if ever, lead to a prosecution. The stress caused to our clients is phenomenal.

Throughout the investigation our clients are lead to believe they cannot have a housing benefit claim. This often leads to threats of eviction and proceedings. Fraud investigations like to pretend that they have additional powers and rely on intimidation to coerce people to agree to the claims. Often the reasons for these claims are not fully explained to our clients, even when they have a solicitor involved. Caseworkers from our organisation are not allowed to access vital information often until our client has signed a document ‘confessing’ their ‘crime’.

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Swheatie concludes: Isn't it high time that the company Private Eye aptly calls 'Crapita' was barred from 'public service delivery'?

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