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Sunday, 2 November 2014

North KenSanctions Jcp exposed

KUWG bullhorn report 'lifts the lid' on taxpayer-funded human rights abuses in West Central London

"Hello, hello, hello. What's happening here?"

Pam reports on a KUWG bullhorn report captured on video

Here is a clip filmed by Swheatie of Kuwg. He has captured Robin haranguing the staff of North Ken JCP.

KUWG chose to leaflet North Kensington Jobcentre on the 8th October 2014 as it has a terrible reputation for sanctioning claimants. KUWG has seen, during the course of leafleting, many claimants bringing their children along to sign on, I don't mean the actual children signing on. That would be ridiculous. As ridiculous as children having to be present at their parents signing days.

Here is Robin ignoring the staff's attempts to keep us far away from the building. He stood close up to the doors giving them a piece of his mind. He compares North Ken to slavers. Forcing people to work without pay. He mentions North Ken being on the Carnival route and reminds them of all the African-Caribbean people who fought to be free from slavery. Just as we all should be.


Swheatie adds: The biggest 'noise problem' in the immediate vicinity of that place — postcode W10 5BL — is that people's silent screams for help have gone unnoticed for far too long. It was very windy that day though!

PS: Thanks to Farhan for his help in uploading KUWG's first official 'in-house' video clip! Swheatie

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