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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Brent council leader faces self-help community — Stonebridge Adventure Playground consultation ends Monday 17 November

Supporters of Stonebridge Adventure Playground have told Brent Council Leader Mo Butt that they are a self-help community and told him that demolition of that local facility would never be made good by the 'savings' the Council plans to make from its bulldozing.

In the final analysis, who does Brent Council represent: the local population, or the global billionaires who pull the strings of world banking and rub their hands at the prospect of a sympathetic to their aims UK Government going all out to sell Britain off before the next General Election? The current UK Government has no mandate for such cuts, or does it?

Brent's 'public consultation' on the future of Stonebridge Adventure Playground is open till Monday 17 November. Brent blogger Martin Francis notes:

There is still time to email Brent Council with your views stonebridge.consult@brent.gov.uk
or visit www.brent.gov.uk/stonebridgeconsultation

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