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Monday, 10 November 2014

Open your eyes to NHS sell off!

From Bob Steel

(Dude Swheatie of the KUWG looks forward to the video of sell-off of our welfare state to global corporations. That particular privatisation has been happening for years now. Perhaps as long as it has been since disgraced US Health insurer Unum Provident/Unum became an 'adviser' on welfare reform to successive UK governments in 1994. See Mo Stewart's 4-page pdf document research paper: The Hidden Agenda: A research summary. Final, March 2013.)

NHS sell-off: Watch this film and spread the word!

 This powerful new film is a blockbuster which shows how our public NHS is
being eviscerated and parcelled up for sale to US corporations in front of
our eyes. It's too radical for the moribund mainstream news media to touch,
but is already on YouTube. Make time to watch it, and spread the word to
everyone you know. It needs to be seen - most people still have no idea
what is happening. This film will open their eyes.

Duration: 67 mins 08 secs


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