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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Osborne's Autumn Statement-related London actions by People's Assembly Against Austerity

From People's Assembly Against Austerity

The People's Assembly Against Austerity
On 3 December George Osborne will be giving his Autumn Statement where he's set to triumph the success of austerity and announce further cuts and privatisation.

In London, the People's Assembly is organising two events:

Thursday 27 November

Economic briefing ahead of Osborne's Autumn Statement | #AusterityMyths
Austerity Lies and Myths: what the government doesn't want you to know6.30pm, NUT HQ, Hamilton House, Maybledon Place, London WC1H 9BS
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The panel includes:
Owen Jones Journalist, James Meadway Senior Economist, New Economics Foundation, Dr Faiza Shaheen Head of Inequality & Sustainable Development, Save the Children (personal capacity), Micheal Burke Economist. Chaired by: Christine Blower General Secretary, National Union of Teachers
Join our panel of leading economists, journalists and trade unionists for discussion and debate on the true state of the economy and the lies underpinning the Government's austerity programme.

Limited space so please register your place:
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Protest: Tuesday 2 December

Protest on the eve of Osborne's Autumn Statement | #AusterityFail

Austerity has failed: Sack George OsborneFrom 5:30pm, Downing Street, London

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On the 2nd of December, dozens and dozens of George Osbornes will descend on Downing Street before the real penny-pinching George gives his Autumn Statement. But while he will be hiding the truth from us, our gaggle of Georges will be doing no such thing.

In a rare moment in politics they will all be telling the truth about austerity, busting the myths that the ConDem government want us to believe are facts, and admitting all the ways they have stolen from us and our public services.

But honesty is tiring work for a politician so the Georges will be sitting down to a feast as well. While they treat themselves to champagne, our volunteers will be helping the public by giving away a sweet version of the scraps our government allows us to have.

So come along to Downing Street on Tuesday 2nd December at 5.30 pm and join the hundreds who will be showing what austerity really is. Help us tell the truth about the damage of the Budget before George Osborne makes his excuses. Maybe you’d like to play a Greedy George, or share the sweet scraps with the passersby. Or maybe you just want to stand with a placard held high and be heard.

The People's Assembly Against Austerity

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