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Monday, 25 August 2014

Increased out-of-London housing dispersal disses society

By Robin and Swheatie of the KUWG

Robin writes:

Thanks to Martin Francis of Wembley Matters for flagging up a Brent Council report that shows a 426% increase in out of borough placements in a matter of months; and to John for the article about the Harrow Council resident speaking out against being moved to Stoke. I've included another article from January that became news when the biggest buy-to-let landlord served Notices to Quit on the 200 tenants who claimed benefits:

And Swheatie adds:
Here is a clip link from a BBC Radio 'File on Four' prog broadcast on Sunday 13 October 2013, 'What price social housing'

That prog wrongly states that the Coroner in the case of Nygell Firminger was not critical of Genesis Housing in the case of Nygell Firminger who broke back into the flat that Genesis evicted him from and committed suicide there in April 2012. The North London Coroner on 10 July 2013 at the deferred inquest actually gave a verdict of 'suicide due the stress of eviction'.

But there are two points I'd like to flag up from that prog:
  1. The Government is making 'social housing' 'Arms Length Management Organisations' responsible for raising the finance to build new homes, and that policy is leading such organisations to sell off London homes and displace residents to cheaper areas and also to enter the London Stock Exchange in pursuit of dody PFI schemes; and
  2. As more and more social housing lets are sold off, there becomes a dearth of lower capacity lets for folk hit by 'bedroom tax' to move onto.
 Yet one point not mentioned in that prog is how much the Chief Exec and directors of such a private company as Genesis Housing get, alongside the matter of what are the pay differentials within these organisations? Such cultures of privilege, it could be argued, lead to a culture of contempt for the service users to the point that such organisations with their corporate lawyers onboard feel they have licence to evict benefit cap families without any sense of remorse.

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