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Friday, 29 August 2014

More London councils consulting on kicking the fiscal boot in on the poorest

Swheatie is reminded in Government claims that they will protect the poorest people, of the phrase "sadism masquerading as compassion." And central Government's drive toward 'localism' is just another means of passing the blame on when it reduces overall support from central government funds to local government.

By Zacchaeus 2000 — Justice for vulnerable debtors

Waltham Forest and Barnet consult on increasing Council Tax for poor residents

No Poll Tax 2Waltham Forest and Barnet have joined Harrow in launching consultations on proposals to cut the level of Council Tax Support (CTS) available to their low income residents.

Barnet’s consultation proposes increasing their 8.5% minimum payment to either 15% or 20%. This could lead to a lone parent with two children in the borough facing a council tax bill of £210, more than double what they are currently expected to pay. Unlike other councils however Barnet does at least present maintaining the current level of support as an option and we hope that is what the majority of respondents will argue for. Continue reading  on z2k website→


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