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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Press and policing priorities only protecting wealthier areas?

By Swheatie of the KUWG

I notice that the main headline story of Friday's Evening Standard print edition says that the police are going to punish smash and grab robbers on mopeds very severely. It just so happens that that is linked to such robbers hitting Mayfair jewellers.

By coincidence I seem to recall a recent Ham & High headline placard about an increase in muggings by moped riders on Hampstead Heath.

And I also recall speaking with a Webheath, NW6 resident some months ago, discussing pavement hazards on Webheath Estate with what I experience in leafly Highgate Ward of LB Camden that estate agents deem a more 'desirable' area. I told my Webheath resident friend that we get more pavement cyclists on weekends who are the children of parents who are cycling in the side streets than we get teenage pavement cyclists. We also get 'boy racers' in their latter years using mobility vehicles.

And thus she told me, "We muggers on mopeds on Webheath Estate"

Since I mentioned all this, another Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group member has reported, 
"Recently while sitting on street furniture (a bench) in Greencroft Gardens, NW6 using my laptop a resident came out of his home to warn me of youths riding bicycles in the area who grab phones and tablets out the hands of the unwary."
I wonder if it's only because the more wealthy areas are now being targeted that the profile of such crimes has escalated? What do others here think?

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