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Sunday, 10 August 2014

More on TUC backing for workfare

'Ivy' of the KUWG has added a post script to the blog piece TUC backing for workfare. Perhaps that post script is worthy of a blog piece in its own right rather than an appendage position?

"This cosy TUC and CBI backrub comes right after Ed Milliband’s announcement to cut benefits for 18 - 21 year olds, as revealed in The Guardian," she writes.

Note that the Labour Party grew out of the trade union movement. So perhaps this is classic case study material for a newer, 'tail wagging the dog' relationship between a more submissive post-Thatcher era trade union movement and a now neoliberal Labour Party? From trade union votes for politicians, to trade union leaders currying for such favours off neoliberal politicians as maybe life peerages?

Well, whatever it might do for the trade unionists involved, as Johnny Void says, the detail of what the TUC backing for workfare in which the rights of participants amount to 'get sacked and you will certainly get sancioned' and are already legislated away do not bode well for an emergent workforce or reserved army of labour. See The TUC and workfare: It's worse than you think.

* Name disguised to protect identity of a vulnerable person

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