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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

KUWG outing to Barnsbury Jobcentre

Report by Pambles of the KUWG

KUWG was here!
Swheatie, CJ and I (Pambles) joined Mike, Lindsay and Howard of UNITE COMMUNITY's Camden & Islington Branch to speak with claimants as well as asking them to fill questionnaire. We met a woman whose work history involves music and woodworking, so naturally JCP [JobCentre Plus] want her to stack shelves or do bit of cleaning.
Showing hope, showing caring

       A lady on WRAG [Work-Related Activity Group of Employment & Support Allowance claimants] told CJ she is desperate to get onto the Support Group [where she cannot be hassled in 'work-related activity. Swheatie suspects that that was the lady who went to the Jobcentre with a helper and the support of a crutch. She looked very troubled on entering and leaving the Jobcentre, and was chased after by one of the staff who said, "You left your bag behind," which he then handed her.] 

C&I Unite Community survey and KUWG banner and budget box
      CJ also heard that a man with one remaining lung (the other having been removed) was taken from ESA [Employment & Support Allowance] and had to apply for JSA [JobSeekers Allowance] as he is not sick if he has one lung. Rumours that Kuwg has his other lung are untrue. A very sweet lady came up to me and said we did good work. She told me of how she was lucky enough to have good support from 3 organisations and after a year her benefits got sorted and with the backpay she went to Dorset. Very nice.
Pambles and Swheatie with their collective handiwork

Empty box, not empty rhetoric

      Here are the photos of Kuwg in the very civilised [area of] Islington. [Swheatie suspects that it is in either Caledonian Ward or Barnsbury Ward.]

Cracking apart? Call on KUWG and Unite Community for help!

PS. One claimant announced to us that English people are useless — to which Swheatie responded with, "Including you?" that Swheatie can be a bit on the tangy side.

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