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Friday, 26 September 2014

Unite Community canvass vs TTIP — Ealing Broadway, Sunday 28 September

From Ben of the KUWG

Unite the Union Community Section, Ealing branch are having a TTIP awareness stall in Ealing 11to 1.30 Sat and 12 to 2 on Sunday Ealing Broadway outside the centre opposite the Black Horse Public House.

You are welcome to come and do some canvassing.

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  1. There are greater reasons to why the USA has been pushing for the TTIP and all other so-called free trade agreements/treaties and where our MEP's are oblivious to the real US reason.

    Indeed, there are far more important issues facing humankind in the relative near future (including the UK of course) than what people are currently aware of and where these will be far, far greater than the effects on western economies of such things as 'climate change'.

    Humanity is Entering the Final Stage of 'its' Development Existence, as Corporate Power and Greed, Consolidated Globalisation and the Politico-Wealthy Corporate Agenda Engages with the World's Largest Ever by Far Global Trade Agreements that will undermine the World order, not Sustain it - http://worldinnovationfoundation.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/humanity-is-entering-final-stage-of-its.html

    For our political elites just do not understand the dire repercussions to the vast majority of the 508 million EU citizens including the UK.